Due to the weather, 2012 was a the year of the dedicated riders. The sponsorship however, was fantastic.

2012 Sponsored Bike Tour

14th of July 2012.

This time the weather was not really on the riders side. But that did not deter them from giving it their best.


Three main trips were offered. Each one a round trip from Schengen down the Moselle and back again.


Xenia leaded the shortest trip, Jean-Paul leaded the medium distance trip and Gareth lead the ambitious team.


Upon arrival the riders were greeted with Filipino food and refreshments. The food was delicious as always, thanks to the cooks and the grill masters.


Markus and Edward decided to do a “wacky” tour. The aim was to reach the highest point they could find on their way from Trier in the morning to Schengen arrival in the late afternoon. Like always they were the last to arrive. Many thanks to all involved.

Want to get lost? Why not join this years LPAD Sponsored bike ride on July 13th !

LPAD wishes to thank all riders, sponsors and supporters of this event. The riders for their effort and time, the sponsors for their great generosity and the supporters for the fantastic food and helping the rides in need.