In 2011 LPAD, together with partners, started on two projects that got cofinancing (€2 extra for €1) from the Luxembourg Ministry of Cooperation and our current projects represent a commitment of over €60.000 for the year of 2011.

Although the latest storms have had a devastating effect on the area,
the two projects got completed in 2012.
Direct Link to completed Solar Electricity for 10 householdsLink
Direct Link to completed Mangrove plantingLink

50 Households to receive Solar Electricity

Kasammaka to provide 50 Households in the mountains with solar generators and lighting

More to follow as soon as the project is approved.
Watch this space!

Solar Electricity Project for Kasammaka

Kasammaka organic farming to get 11 solar generators

One large solar generator was implemented for small electric tools to increase production quality and quantity. Ten small generators were installed in homes for charging phones, running laptops and minimal lighting. Project started 2011 and finalised in 2012.

Many thanks to Wega asbl ong  for making this possible.

Farm Gen
1 kW Solar Power Plant for the organic farm.

House 1
One of the ten Solar Electric Lighting Systems for the mountain families.

House 2
Children taking advantage of the electric lighting to do their homework.

House 3
Installation of one of the ten solar generators for providing light the houses in the mountains.
House 4

Older Pictures:

Kasamaka 1

Kasamaka 2

Kasamaka 3

Kasamaka 4

Kasam 5

More pictures on our facebook page.

Mangrove Planting with Lafccod

Lafccod reforested 21 hectars with five different sorts of mangroves

Reforestation means that it was done in the existing mangrove areas that need to be replanted with mangroves because they were old or they needed replenishment and two mangrove areas where the mangrove plants are totally gone thus these areas needed more mangrove seedlings.

Many thanks to Mangrove Captial Partners and to Wega asbl ong  for their huge participation in this project.

Lafccod 1

Lafccod 2

Lafccod 3

Lafccod 4

Lafccod 5\

More pictures on our facebook page.