Our tradinonal bike ride, hosted on the bicycle track in Fennange.

LPAD sponsored bike ride 2014

Saturday, July 12th
Merly and Georges are the hosts this year!
Venue (click me!): "Kléckebierg", Fennange, Luxembourg

Download the Poster

Flyer eplaining basic rules, location and the four LPAD rides:
Download (2.5Mbyte) here

This year again, LPAD is organizing a Sponsored Bike Ride:
Each rider arriving in Fennange in the afternoon is entitled to free Filippino food.

Minimum Sponsorship is €25.-

You can ride in a group or solo.
Each rider is to fill out the registration form (available here).
The rider's sponsors each fill out one box in the registration form.
Please fill out clearly and hand the form back to LPAD before the ride.
Please put cash donations, with full documentation, in a clearly marked envolope.

If you want to join:

There are several group tours:

Tour 1:


Led by: Xenia Winckel-Catacutan
Meeting time: 10:30am
Leaving: 11:00am

This course avoids riding busy roads and is thous targeted towards the children who may want to join. All roads are asphalted and almost all are rural. At one point kids will have to cross a busy road. Also as there are some climbs, it is recommended that kid have at least 3 gears, if not they may have to walk some sections.

Tour 2:

(20 km)

Led by: Vinzenzo Sportelli
Meeting time: 10:00am
Leaving: 10:30am

Vince will follow JP's 40 km ride along the Piste cyclable des Trois Cantons (PC6) up to the far side of Parc “Brill” in Schifflange and then turn around. This ensures that the ride follows asphalted roads and cycle tracks. To join track PC6 you will have to cross over the railway track. After exiting at Kayl you will have to shortly ride the main road to the motorway bridge to join the bicycle-track again.
Tour 2 Pic 1
You will be following the A13 motorway on the bicycle-track which passes under the motorway several times.
Tour 2 Pic 2
The last part is the ride along the “Brill” nature reserve before turning around at km 10 and returning back.

Tour 3:

(40 km)

Led by Jean-Paul Schmitz
Meeting time: 10:00am
Leaving: 10:30am

JP will guide you on the longer ride. The triangular loop is composed of three bicycle tracks:

Piste cyclable des Trois Cantons (PC6)
Piste cyclable du Faubourg Minier (PC9)
Piste cyclable François Faber (PC10)

The option on passing via Mondercange (PC6) and adding a few kilometers will depend on the situation of the landslide and the form of the riders.



Tour 4:

(more than 60 km Mountain Bike)

Led by: Edward Cardew
Meeting time: 8:30am
Leaving: 9:00am sharp, expect >7 hour ride!

This challenging Mountain Bike round trip starts and ends in Kayl, a 5 km ride away. Then the circuit itself  is at least 50 km, includes technical challenges and there are many add-ons possible depending on the group's form.

Expect fantastic scenery! To get an idea check, it will be similar to the link below with maybe a few extras!


Please bring all necessary items for a safe mountain bike ride, including patch or spare tube, pump, hydro, snacks and lunch.

Departure will be at 9 am sharp. Be there well in advance.

Tour 4Tour 4Tour 4Tour 4Tour 4

Other Tours:

Feel free to organize your own tour. Please note that if you ride on a different date or do not join one of the above tours, LPAD can't be repesonsible for any mishaps you could encounter if you we unfortunate.

Contact Edward Cardew on the LPAD email for more info.