After our 2009 attempt at this kind of event, 2010 was the way to go.
A great time was had by everybody.

2010 Sponsored Bike Tour

Sunday, June 27, 2010.
In the blazing sun at over 30 degrees 27 fearless bicycle riders motivated by over 200 sponsors set out for a mission ...


Easy RideLink

Eva and her team:
Judee, Jelene, Jerwin, Rendereza, Mathieu, Chris, Xenia, Marielle Elisheva and Christiaan end up deviating from their course to stay in the cooler forests and clocked 34 km.

Prove you are fit RideLink

Jean-Paul and his team:
Laurence, Francesco, Daniel, Jun, Marc, Ahmet, Nicholas, Kevin and John end up following the 55 km as instructed.

Challenge RideLink

Robert and Edward. OK so we were the oddballs! My bike was probably the heaviest and Roberts' bike the wierdest, with no gears and no free wheel, Robert was one with his bike the whole way.

Cyclo SportLink

Jean-Pierre and his collegues ended up doing 174 km roughly following the "Charly Gaul" tour with over 2500 meters of climbing.


Alex set out to do as many kilometers as he could and ended up with 203 km.

LPAD wishes to thank all riders, sponsors and supporters of this event. The riders for their effort and time, the sponsors for their great generosity and the supporters for the fantastic food and helping the rides in need.

Hope to see you all back next year with an even greater turnout.