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Alexs' notes:

Dear sponsors and supporters,

to begin, let me once again THANK YOU for your great support!

Here is a short summary of the event last Sunday:

The weather was perfectly sunny, hot and rainless, the roads relatively unpopulated due to the weather and the ongoing football events and, motivated by all of you, I managed to do 203 km !
Overall, I made two stops, the first one after 130 km, rather short, just to refill liquids and the second one after 165 km at the "event's headquarter" at Edward's place in Biwer with really tasty Filipino food as a perfect roundup.
Many thanks to everybody involved in the logistics and cooking!
Overall, a great Sunday event (despite the missed football game, but they won anyway ;-) )

Additional Files:

High Resolution Picture (over 2Mbyte)

Elevation profile

For Google Earth a KMZ file is available here.