Held in the Parish Salle.

2012 Spaghetti Fund-raising for Sendong Victims

LPAD and CFC – Spaghetti Fund-raising for Sendong Victims

It is always a pleasure for LPAD to work together with Couples for Christ (CFC). A quickly organized fund raising spaghetti event was the reaction to the terrible floods that hit Mindanao end of the year in 2011. So on the 22nd of January 2012 LPAD and CFC managed to raise €4500 together with a generous donation of the Parish.
Part of the money went towards buying the most essential things for the flood victims, including food, soap and school equipment for the children.
Couples for Christ and LPAD wish to thank all who cooked, for the delicious sauces, and all who donated either money or their effort, for their generosity.